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Tomato thief sasuke x reader “i just don't think the risk is worth it, we should look somewhere else.” after a long sip of water, suigetsu notice that sasuke wasn. Naruto x reader: ramen dateyou were sitting on one of the stools at ichiraku ramen resting your elbows on the long table that stretched across the small shop.. Shikamaru x little!reader shikamaru slept peacefully in his bed, until it was disturbed by something poking his cheek. he groaned and looked to his side to find. Stay (sasuke x reader) part 2 a sea green blurry color “so pretty,”you whispered. for some reason the image of that color brought a warm sensation to you, and. “it’s not like i haven’t seen it all before, kitty.” shot back sasuke with a smug looking expression plastered on his face making your cheeks flush.

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“’ haven’ , kitty.” shot sasuke smug expression plastered face making cheeks flush. Warning! forced lemon!! , read !! pretty graphic lemon, graphic stuff, blood, good. Today, albino boyfriend, awesome gilbert invited house. kind excited planned. prussia . Jeff killer reader part 3jeff killer reader part 3 awoke sound parents opening closing front door, bed. Denmark reader lemon warnind lemon meaning sexual situations. read . ~~~~~ denmark . Your night working pizzeria wrong actual night.

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