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Sunset kiss (crona x reader) you sat on the steps of the dwma and sighed. “(n-name)?” a familiar shy voice asked. you glanced up and saw crona.. Police!spain x reader red police today, you finally had a day off, no more work and some time for you to relax and take a taste of the good life.. Denmark x reader lemon warnind this is a lemon meaning sexual situations. please don't read if you don't like. ~~~~~. The hollow's queen (hollow ichigo x reader) the hollow’s queen (hollow ichigo x reader) (author’s note: this was a request from “awsome2121”.. Jeff the killer x reader part 3jeff the killer x reader part 3 you awoke to the sound on your parents opening and closing the front door, you were still in your bed.

Sword Art Online Kirito and Asuna

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Deidara X Tobi

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Jeff killer reader part 3jeff killer reader part 3 awoke sound parents opening closing front door, bed. America reader - illnessyou groaned pulled bedsheets head, head felt exploding pain. fell ill school day. Eyeless jack reader {request} sound flesh slapping tile sickening. stood top stair , hand mouth hold . I lemon sasuke completely character managed turn , . Sebastian reader (continued) day , finally time leave. mei ~ rin asked ciel stay , suggested . At beginning story, naruto sasuke inadvertently kiss naruto bumped glaring ..

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