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"when are you going to tell me about itachi?" you opened your eyes and looked at him irritably. "i just got here! why would i start telling you things now-". "why are you not with him?" hissed sasuke quietly. you opened your eyes once again to look up at sasuke. the moment you made eye-contact with him, it was as if you. Gaara x reader lemon something fun sexual content is here, i'm putting the rest of my lemons up first, then i'm gonna put up my stories (name) sat with gaara x. Warning! this is a forced lemon!! if you do not like, please do not read it!! this is a pretty graphic lemon, so if you don't like graphic stuff, blood, all that good. This sasuke lemon is dedicated to my best friend (fake-sister) in the entire world, alexx!! you get horny as i whisper foreplay in your ear! lmao!.

X Reader Lemon

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This sasuke lemon dedicated friend (fake-sister) entire world, alexx!! horny whisper foreplay ear! lmao!. Chapter 23 *] [*karin' gratitude tsunade' news *] [*author notes *] [* chapter 23 pile lemons wanted update story chapter' . Tags. creator chose archive warnings; loki/reader; loki (marvel) childhood loki reader; romance series; fond memories. Tags. creator chose archive warnings; ciel phantomhive/reader; sebastian michaelis/reader; reader; ciel phantomhive; sebastian michaelis; alois trancy. Please note narutopedia' article character naruto uzumaki. article manga anime series naruto . Sai (サイ, sai) anbu konohagakure. raised member root, sai emotions .

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