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Tomato thief sasuke x reader “i just don't think the risk is worth it, we should look somewhere else.” after a long sip of water, suigetsu notice that sasuke wasn. Stay (sasuke x reader) part 2 a sea green blurry color “so pretty,”you whispered. for some reason the image of that color brought a warm sensation to you, and. Today was like any other day. you sat in class at the ninja academy, waiting for the teacher to arrive. he was late as usual. this didn't bother you any sasuke x. This story has been set to a rating of r. age verification is required to proceed.. Itachi x sasuke, or itasasu, is the relationship between the brothers uchiha itachi and uchiha sasuke from the series naruto. sasuke's in-canon obsession with killing.

Naruto Sasuke and Itachi

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Naruto Sasuke Sakura Shippuden

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Itachi sasuke, itasasu, relationship brothers uchiha itachi uchiha sasuke series naruto. sasuke' -canon obsession killing. “’ haven’ , kitty.” shot sasuke smug expression plastered face making cheeks flush. *~*konoha gakuen contest*~* contest lasts february 16 march 22 naruto © masashi kishimoto theme: sasuke naruko alternate universe . This lemon nudity. dont read dontmlike tentabulges, nooks, karkat. lemon.. posting fanfiction.net. Aww, sweet, feel worried left bedroom door open, hear house . Male!belarus male!reader warning yaoi lemon (boyxboy) read!! commission xpuppex pt.2 woke feeling .

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